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First blog post EVER!!!

With this being my very first blog post I feel some excitement and some anxiety. I am not a writer whatsoever. I am not exactly sure what I will write about or if it will be a sentence

long or a whole page or if it will be about miniature bull terriers or not. So, I'm looking forward to what will come of this! Off the top of my head, I know it would be nice to talk a little bit about potty training since most of our pups leave us between 8-12 weeks old and will need some additional potty training. I also was thinking maybe give my experience with and some recommendations on different dog products I use such as shampoos, flea and tick meds, collars, harnesses, crates etc. I'm hoping some of my posts will be helpful and a place where those of you who have gotten your miniature bull terrier from us and anyone who might be interested in miniature bull terriers will be able to find some helpful tips! I'm hoping also that this can evolve to be more of a community where i can learn from what others would like to share! we will see

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