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5 Ways to Transport your pet!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

When your looking for a new family pet I'm sure you would like to know how you will actually acquire this precious little being ....safely...and how much its going to cost you and you might even wonder if anything more would be needed. Here are some of those answers when getting one of our pups.

1. You could pick your puppy up directly from our location.

  • Pretty simple we can choose a date and time and you can come pick up your pup!

2. Meet us halfway to pick up your puppy.

(Need to request this travel option)

  • Both parties will work to find a good half way meet up point.

  • Pricing will depend on your location.

3. Your puppy can be delivered to your location.

( Limited availability )

  • Pricing depends on location and availability

4. Your puppy can fly on an airplane in pet cargo.

  • Currently the charge for this transportation method is $500 if the puppy is under 12 weeks old. This price increases after 12 weeks old because pricing is based on weight of both pup and crate on flight departure date.

  • We arrange and book the flight, then we will give you the time and location to pick your puppy up from your nearby airport.

  • Real-time Flight tracking will be provided via American airlines website.

5. You can fly with the airline of your choosing to come and pick your puppy up and return home with him/her on the flight with you as a carry on.

  • This option is only available before 12 weeks old since after that the pups tend to need a larger crate that are likely to big for a carry on storage space.

  • You will coordinate these transportation arrangements yourself.. You can either come to us and pick your puppy up and then return to the airport for your flight home or we can bring the puppy to you at the Detroit Metro Airport.

  • We would have the required Health certificate for the flight at time of pickup/drop off.

*Each puppy has their own travel crate which they will be familiarized with before actually taking this trip. We provide crate training while the puppies are here with us so they are usually pretty comfortable with being in the crate and do pretty well traveling.

Check out my next blog post for details on what documentation and other items come in your new puppy’s take home folder that will accompany them on their trip and serve as a great source of information and a good place to keep important records in the future. Based on more than 135 years of passion for purebred dogs, these folders include AKC materials on important topics along with some other material I have added!

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